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Q:   What is the difference between a Type A and a Type B?

A: There are four very noticeable differences between a Type A and a Type B Aztec 7 body.

  • one of the more easy to see differences is how the doors are mounted on the car. The Type A has a single bar that runs through the door into the frame. The Type B has two external chrome hinges that are mounted on the top of the car.

  • On the Type A the gas tank is positioned in the rear of the car, between passenger compartment and the engine, but on the Type B body it is positioned in the front of the car, in the small storage compartment. You need to open a compartment door on the front of the car to fill the tank with fuel.
  • The controls for the lights, wiper, radio, and more are located on the dash on the Type-A. The Type B has a upper console that mounts between the doors on the roof that contain the radio and various switches to control lights and other functions.
  • The Type A came with manualy operated headlights that was controled by a leaver under the dash. On the Type B the lever was replace with a motor controled system.

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