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Chris Guenther's Aztec 7

Chris's Aztec 7

The Beginning:

My dad came to me around 1982, gave me a cataloge of about 100 kit cars of the time and asked me to pick one out. I kind of liked the Cimbra SS, and the Sterling, and the ECCO really looked cool, but the one I fell in love with was the Aztec 7.

Somehow, with all his contacts, he found a fully built, type-A Aztec 7 later that year and bought it. I found out later that this car was originally owned by Al Makey and the it had a turbo-desiel engine in and reportedly got 83 MPG durning the SAEA high altitude rally. It also received an award for cleanest burning car. I guess this engine had been totaled before we purchased it because it only had a standard 1600 bug engine in it when we purchased it.

We drove it around some, and then he decided he wanted to rebuild the engine. We took it out, but during the rebuild process a tree branch fell on the windhield up at his house in Evergreen. We looked all over for a replacement but could not find one, and we felt it pointless to fix the engine if we couldn't drive it, so the car sat. I still have this car, and now I know where I can get a windshield, so I just have to save up enought to get it, and work to restore this car will begin.

Here are some images of the Type A before it was sold

About a year ago, a friend called me to let me know he had seen an Aztec 7 for sale here in the Denver area. When I saw that car, knew I had to have it, because this car was show-car quality. It only had 6,000 mi on it and looked like it had been garaged since it was built.

Here are some pictures of the Type B before it was painted

Here are some pictures of the car in 2002, just after being painted:

All the images on this page are available for viewing in the Photo Gallery link under Chris Gunther's car.

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