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Fiberfab and Aztec Stories

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Stories and History on Fiberfab and the Aztec 7

Story about Len Swenson's Fiberfab Experiance

Story of Clarence Ellers Electric and hybrid Aztec 7's

Christopher Aguilera's Fiberfab story (former Parts Manager)

More Fiberfab history (This will continue to grow):
The "factory" (where the bodies were made) was in CA, but the Fiberfab office (an old Chevy dealership pictured in the Yahoo Avenger Club photo section under Kevin Cooney) was later moved to Bridgeville PA with the 2nd owner ("Ace" Valli), which is where the cars were sold, assembled, and where Len Swenson worked (briefly).

Histroy written by Shannon of Price of his Toys

The Aztec 7 history as I know it was recounted to me recently by a former employee of Fiberfab. The Aztec 7 was an Alfa Romeo/Bertone Carabo copy made in the mid/late 1970s by Fiberfab in California. The plug for the car was made by taking photos of the Carabo and projecting them onto a wall where they traced them. They fiddled with them to fit the VW wheelbase and made templates and made the body (which was made by an 18 year old!). Lamborghini Muira glass was used as it was closest in dimensions, although replicas by Guardian Glass ($350 instead of what is now $3000) were used later on. The original side windows were glass as well, but later on they were plastic.

The Aztec 7 was one of Fiberfab's less popular kits (but it still sold quite well). It's possible that as many as 2000 bodies were made, but by most estimates the number is closer to 400. It wasn't until later in the manufacturing that serial numbers were used.

Aztec 7 Brochures

Here you can browse an original Aztec 7 Brochure.

Brochure One

Brochure Two

Here is a Gallery of other Aztec 7 written material.

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